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Academics: Section Title

2020- 2021

Class Composition

Class-by-Class Curriculum

갈릴리 헤리티지 한글학교는 학생의 연령과 한글 수준을 고려하여 반을 구성하고 있습니다. 각 단계에서 배워야 할 필수 항목들을 연습해 나아가는 한편 한국에 대한 전반적인 문화와 역사에 대해서도 함께 배워 나갑니다. 


Introductory Class


  • Sarang Class: Students of ages 4-6 who learn Korean for the first time

  • Boram Class: Elementary school students who need to learn the basics of Korean

Basic-Level Class

  • Chorong Class: Students of ages 5-7 who can read basic Korean words and sentences

  • Raum Class: Elementary school students who can read basic Korean words and sentences 

Intermediate-Level Class

  • Haram Class: Elementary school or older students who can read, write, speak and understand Korean 

  • Hanul Class: Junior high school students who can read and write basic Korean words and sentences 

Academics: Services

2020- 2021 

Class Schedule

  • Afternoon extracurricular activities are held from 12:30 to 2:00 PM.

  • Online Class Schedule

    • Class time will be informed separately.









 Morning Assembly, Korean National Anthem, Bible Recitation, Attendance Check

Korean Class 1

Extracurricular Activities (Storytelling, Art, Violin)

Korean Class 2

Lunch and Recess

Korean Class 3

2020- 2021

Academic Calendar

Fall Semester​

Winter Camp

Spring Semeste

Summer Camp

Fall Semester

 8/29 ~ 11/14, 2020

12/5 ~ 1/23, 2021

2/13 ~ 5/22, 2021

6/19 ~ 8/14, 2021

9/4~ 12/11, 2021

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